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Delivery Models

Flexible delivery and process transperancy are the cornerstones of our service.

Onsite Delivery

Offsite Delivery

Your project is completed using the most appropriate combination of one, some, or all of these delivery models for your unique situation.

Benefits of Our Delivery Models

1. Variable Cost Structure & Scaleable Capacity: fixed project costs are avoided by leveraging resources on a project-to-project basis only. The wide availability of resources also ensures scalability while mitigating the risk of skill obsolescence and attrition.

2. Cost Optimization: Offshore and Hybrid development offers tremendous cost advantages. Typical projects enjoy savings of 20-40% under budget projections.

3. Focus on Strategic Issues: Client IT staff can focus on solutions planning rather than execution allowing organizations to maximize the value of internal employees.

4. Access to Quality Technical Resources & Proven Methodology: The experience of our consultants supported by a certified quality process orientation assures clients of superior technical resources and proven methodologies for their outsourcing requirements.

Onsite Delivery

When Project scope is not clearly defined, or a project is open-ended and iterative in nature, we use an Onsite Delivery Model where work is performed at the client premises. Throughout the assignment our consultants report to an onsite project manager and also report back to our offices on a regular basis. Among the services provided by an onsite consultant are: project requirements capture and technology assessment, creating functional specifications, design, coding, testing, maintenance and support.

Onsite Projects: teamJarvantech will work in collaboration with or in parallel to your project team at your location to complete a technology project. This model allows for the most efficient team work and communication of changing project requirements.

Onsite Supplemental Staffing: Niche technology experts from Jarvantech join your project team to supplement gaps in expertise and resources. By accessing our technology consultants your organization can ensure that you get just the right skill set at just the right time in your project cycle.

Offsite Delivery

Best suited for projects with a well-defined 'Project Plan', Jarvantech interacts with clients on a regular basis to manage outsourcing requirements. The client maintains managerial oversight and stays abreast of project advancement through regular face-to-face progress updates.

Offsite Projects: Based in one of our development centers, you maintain ownership and control of your project without needing to commit your own capital or project resources.

Offshore Projects: Through our partnership with BPO Solution Providers, you receive the same high quality service while accelerating production through time zone advantages and leveraging exchange and labor rates for superior cost-effectiveness.