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J2EE is an abbreviation of "Java 2 Platform: Enterprise Edition," a technology developed by Sun Microsystems. This Java platform is used to create multi-tier applications, separating user interfaces (such as a web page) from system programs (such as a program designed to access a database and do calculations). These applications are typical of large enterprises.

To keep pace with changing technologies and their impact on how business is conducted, Jarvantech has Java experts in full project life cycle development for implementation, integration, and product maintenance, teamJarvantech is focused on implementing the most optimal J2EE technologies, architectures, and frameworks to provide best-of-breed solutions and services to our customers.

Our J2EE Services

Our J2EE consulting service covers the full life cycles of J2EE application and product development, from requirement gathering and analysis, architectural design, implementation and testing, to pre-production performance tuning and deployment.

With numerous project experiences and in-depth knowledge of the industry's best practice, we specialize in architectural design using frameworks and components that greatly speed up implementation and testing.

Our core services fall in the below categories:

- Architecture and Design

- Solution Development

- Performance Tuning

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration projects can be extremely challenging. We have established an impressive track record of delivering proven integration and e-business services. Our integration technology expertise includes middleware products, applications and tools, and is complemented by in-depth knowledge of ERP, SCM, CRM, SRM, data warehousing and e-commerce.

Our integration experts have a strong foundation of proven methodologies, best practices and reference architecture and guidelines.

  • Our EAI Services focus on:
  • Application integration and collaborative computing solutions across a diverse set of enterprise products
  • Real-time integration solutions to link heterogenous enterprise applications
  • Integration methodologies, frameworks, and best practices